Powel Crosley Jr. creates the affordable "Harko" crystal radio set for the masses, patenting and producing the design a year later.

After experimenting with at home broadcasts to aid in radio sales, Crosley obtains a commercial license to operate as the WLW radio station.

Crosley introduces the first compact car in the U.S. that can run 60 miles to the gallon, and features the 'Roamio', a radio capable of receiving 30 stations without altering the signal strength.

In the midst of WWII, the United States Government contracts Crosley Broadcasting to broadcast the Voice of America program all around the world.

The Crosley Corporation begins airing television broadcasts on WLWT-TV, accompanied by the start of television set manufacturing.

The Crosley name is brought out of retirement with a line of vintage-inspired electronics created to honor Powel Crosley Jr under the name 'Crosley Brands'.

Crosley Brands creates a full-sized jukebox replica, incorporating modern technology into the design.

Crosley develops its first CD Player/Recorder with the capability of recording vinyl albums to CD or digital files, establishing themselves in the vintage electronics scene.

Crosley Brands expands into the home furnishing market with a complete line of entertainment focused furniture, plus kitchen carts and islands.

Crosley Radio makes music mobile with the Cruiser turntable, while Crosley Furniture adds pantries, entryway, home office, and bar furniture to their product line.

Crosley Furniture expands to produce outdoor furniture with a line of retro metal and traditional outdoor seating sets.

Crosley Radio introduces a new line of turntables, aptly dubbed the 'C' series, which comes with higher end components, features, and finishes.

Crosley Furniture continues to develop its furniture line to include more mid-century modern, glam, and traditional styles.

Crosley celebrates its 100-year anniversary with a deluxe Anniversary Bluetooth Portable Turntable.