Dear Customer:

The distinctive warning that you have seen on a Crosley Brands’ product, package, web site or instruction manual is due to our commitment to your safety and foremost to comply with California law. The use of the words ‘cancer’ and ‘reproductive harm’ are mandated by California Proposition 65 Regulations, as amended in 2016. The amended Regulations apply to all product manufactured after August 30, 2018. The Proposition 65 Regulations require warnings on products that contain certain chemicals. The Proposition 65 Regulations apply to products that are distributed and sold in the state of California. The Proposition 65 warnings are not required in any other state or jurisdiction where Crosley Brands’ products are distributed and sold. Moreover, while the California Proposition 65 Regulations require warnings, the California law does not prohibit or restrict the sale or use of Crosley Brands’ products in the state of California. Quite the opposite, Crosley Brands’ products are widely distributed in the state of California and enjoyed by consumers throughout the entire state of California.

Crosley Brands does not designate products to be sold in select states or locales when the product is manufactured and packaged. Accordingly, consumers across the United States and Canada and possibly other regions where Crosley Brands’ products are sold will see the California Proposition 65 warnings. Please be assured that Crosley Brands considers consumer safety to be a high priority and of utmost importance when placing products in the marketplace. Crosley Brands has experienced, dedicated employees that carry on the task to inspect products at the point of manufacture for quality assurance and oversee product testing to assure consumer safety. Similarly, Crosley Brands’ employees carefully monitor the production and flow of all of our products to maintain compliance with all applicable laws that promote consumer safety.

A great deal of information is available to the consumer about California Proposition 65. Some of the information about the California regulations may be controversial. Crosley Brands does not choose to engage in the controversy. Instead, Crosley Brands has adopted a policy to comply with the California regulations. At the same time, Crosley Brands’ products will be received by consumers everywhere, including California, with confidence that Crosley Brands’ products are safe for use in the home by all family members.

The links below are maintained by the state of California to inform consumers about Proposition 65:

Proposition 65 In Plain Language

Proposition 65 List – May 25, 2018